Vital Interaction™ in practice. Literally. Below are some case studies demonstrating how our product has been used by medical practices to improve patient engagement, achieve more efficient patient care and increase revenues.

Lake Pointe Women’s Center

Specialty: OBGYN
The practice’s existing appointment reminder system — a one-way automated voice message delivery service — didn’t offer an interactive feature to allow patients to confirm appointments. So, no-shows were unpredictable, costly and caused inefficiencies. The practice manager was at first skeptical that Vital Interaction™’s system would integrate with his outdated practice management system. Read how we exceeded expectations and delivered even higher returns on investment for this skeptical practice manager.


Associates in Medicine

Specialty: Adult diseases
Their challenge was finding a fixed-price solution that met their automation needs to correct inefficient workflow processes while accommodating the practice’s other processes that were working well. Our customizable automated messaging system met their needs. Read about how they even added two more physicians and increased their patient volume without adding staff or creating inefficiencies.


Berkeley Eye Center

Specialty: Full service eye care and LASIK
With a no-show rate of five percent (and as high as seven and a half percent at one of their busy clinics), this practice found not all automated messaging systems are created equal. They needed a fully customizable system that could work for multiple locations, lots of doctors and diverse service offerings. Although their no-show rate was already low, find out how this practice successfully decreased it even more.