Automated Patient Interaction System

Vital Interaction™’s Automated Patient Interaction System enables healthcare organizations to interact more effectively with their patients through technology in order to achieve high-quality, cost-effective patient care.

Patient engagement will be an integral part of healthcare delivery in the next few years. Technology enables medical practices to measure and improve engagement, while reducing costs.

Vital Interaction™ has developed a cost-effective, interactive, and easy-to-customize solution that strengthens the interaction between your practice and your patients. Our Automated Patient Interaction System enables you to connect with patients automatically and effectively using two-way email, short message service (SMS) and interactive voice response (IVR) communications.

How This Benefits You

Vital Interaction™’s Automated Patient Interaction System can help you streamline processes, reduce operating costs, increase revenue and improve patient engagement. Our automated, hosted service provides advantages and benefits in three crucial areas of your business – financial, operational and in patient engagement:

FinancialOperational/ITPatient Engagement
• Fixed monthly pricing means no unpleasant surprises• No hardware to install or software to upload• Contact patients in their preferred method of communication
• Typically pays for itself within the first seven days• Setup takes minutes to complete, ongoing management is simple• Increase patient portal adoption
• Reduce no-show rates by 30 percent or more• Data is instantly available – no daily download or upload• Measure patient satisfaction
• Fill canceled appointment slots quicker• Connects directly with current practice management software• Increase patient preventative care compliance
• Reduce labor costs from manual processes• Flexibility to accommodate practice workflow• Improve online reputation
• Demonstrate a high return on investment• Reduce administrative burdens
• Help achieve Meaningful Use measures

Features of the Automated Patient Interaction System

Most practices have no show averages between 8 and 12 percent. At average reimbursement rates ranging from $80 to $700 per patient, the lost revenue can add up. Vital Interaction™’s Appointment Confirmations can help you reduce staff time spent on appointment reminders while reducing no shows by an estimated 30 percent.

  • Choose how and when messages will be delivered – text, email, automated voice messaging
  • Staff are automatically notified when appointments are canceled or if the patient has a question – and you can respond directly to them
  • If patients call back because they missed the confirmation call, our system will automatically play the message for them
  • Canceled appointments can be automatically replaced with patients from a waiting list or future appointments
  • Patients can customize message delivery preferences and can respond and interact
  • Patients can also request to be removed from a specific contact method and they are automatically removed from any future contact using that method
Things happen. A storm causes weather delays. A doctor calls in sick or is responding to an emergency at the hospital. And you have to reach a number of patients to let them know. Vital Interaction™’s Instant Notifications can help you reduce staff time spent managing ad hoc communications like availability of flu shots, inclement weather messages or delay notifications.

  • Easy-to-use mechanism to communicate to all, or a portion, of your patients for unforeseen events
  • This can result in reduced expenses, improved productivity

Most importantly, it can help you improve patient satisfaction. A top patient complaint is extended wait times, so being able to manage expectations with ‘informed waiting’ can be of tremendous value. It also means the receptionist can focus on other value-add activities instead of dealing with angry patients in the waiting room.

Vital Interaction™’s Post Appointment Messages can help you increase patient response rates to surveys and social media participation by 50% or more and improve your online reputation.

  • Depending on the set up options you choose, the system will send patients an email or text message that can include links to a survey or to popular rating web sites
  • By sending out the survey immediately after the appointment, you’re more likely to receive timely responses, giving you an opportunity to quickly address any concerns
  • Use your own survey or we can customize a “mobile responsive” survey for you
Provide patients with better care by increasing their compliance. Vital Interaction™’s Patient Reactivator gives you an automated, easy-to-use system to remind them of the benefits of preventative care and periodic wellness visits.

  • Manage and improve patient engagement and compliance
  • Typically represents a return on investment above 500 percent
  • Increase revenue from current patients by getting them back in the door sooner
  • Help comply with stage 2 Meaningful Use core measure objective to send preventive/follow-up care reminders according to patient preference