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Vital Interaction helps healthcare professionals and their organizations increase revenue from both current and new patients through improved communications. Our easy-to-use, automated Patient Interaction System is integrated into our customers’ EMR systems and combines text messaging, email and automated voice for everything from Appointment Reminders, Instant Notifications, Post Appointment Messages to Patient Recalls.


Estimate Your Savings

Calculate your potential savings to see how quickly the Vital Interaction Patient Interaction System pays for itself through increased annual revenue from current and new patients and from reduced expenses such as those related to fewer mailing costs. In addition, you will be able to calculate the potential time saved on administrative tasks – all while improving patient interactions with more personalized service.


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The Vital Interaction System was developed to strengthen the interaction between your practice and your patients. It uses email, SMS (short message service) and IVR (interactive voice response) communications to connect with patients automatically and efficiently. By integrating your existing appointment system with enhanced software tools, we create automated, efficient, and high quality interactions that require little to no management by your staff. Take a quick guided tour of the system and get a glimpse of what it could be doing for you.



At Vital Interaction, we know optimal patient communications are crucial for a practice to be successful. These communications have to be optimized both from a provider’s perspective as well as from the patients’ perspective. With this in mind, we have developed a cost-effective, interactive, and easy-to-use solution that can be easily customized by both the healthcare provider and the patient to perfectly meet both parties’ needs.

What Does This Mean to You?

  • Increased Revenue form Current and New Patients
  • Reduced Staff Time Spent Managing Patient Communications
  • Increased Patient Satisfaction
  • Extremely High Return on Investment


Improve Your Patients’ Experience with Your Staff

Are you aware that your patients rate you as a health care provider from the moment they walk in your front door? The Vital Interaction Patient Interaction System frees your receptionist up from mundane tasks like calling patients to remind them of upcoming appointments. Instead, the process is automated allowing your receptionist to focus on greeting patients and providing more efficient and personalized service.